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Huge BoonEx Dolphin Promotion! 30% Off Sale!

Boonex Dolphin Social Networking SoftwareBoonEx just put out an awesome blog post regarding their achievements in 2013, as well as their future plans for 2014.  To celebrate their success and to welcome the new year, BoonEx is offering a huge 30% off all orders between now and January 16, 2014.   With this discount you could save $240.00 when purchasing a Prime license for Dolphin.

In early 2013, BoonEx released Dolphin 7.1 witch touted a great new design and improvement in quality. Through 2013, Dolphin had a few minor revisions which finished with version 7.1.4 which also incloded impovements to mobile apps.  The blog post then goes on to state that many companies and people into social networking noticed that 2013 was a bit of  a slow year for social networking software companies in general.  This could be attributed to Facebook fatigue, a form of less attractiveness in starting your own social network due to the massiveness of Facebook and how groups and pages can be created for niches now.  The cloud based services could also have attributed to the decline of publicly hosted social networking scripts.  Sites such as Ning allow people to spin up a social network in the cloud.  While sites like Ning are convenient, they are not highly customizable and can only take you so far.

Regardless of the decline of social networking in 2013, BoonEx has their own take and vision on what needs to be done moving forward.  Before we get to their vision for the future, lets take a look at the success BoonEx achieved in 2013.  BoonEx updated their market to allow users to validate that third party plugins would be compatible with their specific version of the Dolphin script.  The list of trusted vendors was also updated.  Trusted vendors must also include mandatory fields on theur profile such as skills, working hours, location, spoken languages, and availability.   The changes to the BoonEx market have been extremely helpful to both customers and vendors.

When looking at 2014, BoonEx understands where things are going in their industry.  Different types of users utilize different types of social networking sites, from Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, and LinkedIn.  The great news is that a Facebook only social network is never going to happen due to the various other platforms users gravitate to on a daily basis.  This means that niche specific sites are still going to be successful going forward.  BoonEx plans to release Dolphin 7.1.5 soon in 2014.  This new version of BoonEx Dolphin’s social networking software will have even more advancement in mobile and touch devices.  As more and more people utilize their smart phones and tables to access the Internet it is extremely important to cater to this growing change in society in order to stay relevant and successful.

For now though, take advantage of this great 30% off sale by visiting BoonEx today!  If you want a great review of BoonEx Dolphin, click here for a great overview!

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