How to build a social network with DZOIC Handshakes

If you want to learn how to build a social network with DZOIC Handshakes you came to the right place.  Take a look at our detailed review of the features built in to DZOIC Handshakes as well as the installation process.  Our review covers important information such as what is included by default and what additional features you would need to purchase.  Also discussed are the installation pitfalls with DZOIC Handshakes social networking software.


I. Installation

DZOIC Handshakes is an additional social networking script that does not have the most straightforward installment. The script requires either Flash Media Server (FMS) which costs money per each license or Red5 if you desire to make the most of audio and video recording along with video chat functionality. Both FMS and Red5 are server side installations which need some understanding of linux. If you have a good support group with your hosting company they could be able to assist with the installment and setup of these services. Out side of the server side dependencies the DZOIC Handshakes setup is rather easy. Similar to the majority of other social networking scripts on the marketplace, their is a wizard based installer script. One just has to publish the script to their internet server, produce the essential databases and start the setup script. DZOIC also offers a paid setup service whereby their staff will set up the server reliances of either FMS or Red5 and set up the DZOIC Handshakes script for you for an added charge.

II. DZOIC Handshakes built in features

It appears the DZOIC Handshakes has actually not been updated in a while (variation 4.1 was released on 06/09/2011). The two most recent functions to this script are as follows:.

  • Activity Wall– This is your basic task feed that your individuals can make use of to provide messages, share links, events, videos and photos and talk back and forth with other user’s walls.
  • Q&A Module– This module permits users to post concerns to the whole social networking website. Individuals can then react with their responses to the concerns postured.

Extra attributes of the DZOIC Handshake platform are:

  • Online forum– Users can publish and reply to topics in the online forum. As an administrator you can designate forum moderators and manage exactly what threads are allowed. You can also sticky certain posts.
  • Picture Crop Tool– This permits users to publish photos with a lot of material and crop only the portion of the image they wish to show.
  • Video Chat– This is a terrific plugin for any social network as it enables users to interact face to face through your website. The server requirements are a bit high but if you can use this attribute your individuals will like it.
  • Music and Videos– Users can publish both music and video files to your website to share with the neighborhood.
  • Social  rooms and Instant Messaging– DZOIC Handshakes uses Flash Chat for talk rooms and instantaneous messaging of users on the site.

Various other modules common to social networks and part of DZOIC Handshakes are: Events, Blogs, Classifieds, Clubs (Groups), and polls.

  • Admin Console– Using the Admin Console, you can enable and disable modules, view member task, select various colors and styles for your website. If you want earning money from your website you can do so by creating several subscription levels and costs for each package. In addition you can offer featured placement for blog sites, labeleded ads and clubs to members. The script likewise supports ad projects with targeting choices.

DZOIC has a few 1st party plugins that are beneficial however not included with the core script. They include the following:.

  • Video Ads Plugin– This is another excellent mean to monetize your website. With this tool you can display ads prior, midway though or at the end of any video material on your website.
  • Video Grabber Plugin– This permits your individuals to quickly import video content from YouTube by entering the video URL.
  • Server Balancing Plugin– This enables you to make use of several servers for your social networking website and spread out the load across them. This is terrific for huge social networking websites.


III. DZOIC 3rd Party Developers and User Community

DZOIC has a community forum where DZOIC Handshakes license owners can post concerns and responses. The community does not appear to be as active as those of phpFox, SocialEngine or BoonEx Dolphin. Likewise DZOIC does not have actually a marketplace devoted to 3rd celebration modules. They do have a section to link users to developers however not a full on marketplace much like the scripts noted in the previous sentence.

IV. Handshakes Final Overview

DZOIC Handshakes is in alarming need of an update. The last update to this script was over two years ago. If you view the demo page you will see that the profile and attributes of the website appearance really plain and old. The script has no trial license and retails for $249.00. For the expense of the script and the truth that their is restricted support and updates I would not recommend using DZOIC Handshakes if you were going to build a social network today. If the developers at DZOIC were to do an overhaul on the script and bring it as much as date my opinion might alter. If you desire information on some greater advised scripts have a look at our phpFox review, SocialEngine review, or BoonEx Dolphin review.

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