BoonEx Dolphin is a great social networking script

BoonEx Dolphin is a great social networking script.  If you want to build a fully functional social networking site BoonEx Dolphin can help you get something up and running that is stable and quick in no time.



Take a look at this video for a great overview of BoonEx Dolphin

I. Setup

BoonEx Dolphin is a self hosted social networking application. Setting up the software is relatively easy utilizing the Dolphin instillation script. As soon as you have the BoonEx Dolphin script, all you need to do is publish it to your internet server, produce a database for Dolphin to use, and run the installation script. The install script will stroll you through the installment of Dolphin. Dolphin likewise comes with a free media server application based on Red 5. The media server is a requirement for certain media streaming modules within Dolphin. This can make the installation of BoonEx Dolphin a little harder as not all web hosting suppliers have Red5 supported by default. As soon as BoonEx Dolphin is installed all that is left to do prior to you can utilize the social networking platform is to register your license.


II. BoonEx Dolphin constructed in features

BoonEx Dolphin as it currently stands has over 30 modules that are typical to social networking websites. We’ll talk about the most common and any distinct modules below:
Ads– The Ads module allows an administrator to develop different classifications in which users can publish classified ads. This resembles the way that Craigslist is formatted.
Articles– This module allows users to post articles on the social networking site. Other users can read and comment on any of the articles they have access to.
Blog sites– Similar to posts, this module lets individuals produce and upload their own blog sites on the network.
Repayment Module– This allows an administrator to choose a payment gateway for the function of charging for different forms of membership.
Pictures– Allows individuals in the community to publish and share images throughout the social network.
Profile Customization– This enables individuals to customize the background, typeface and border of their profile on the website.
Groups– Allows users to form and administer personalized teams in which various other members can join.
Shoutbox– A test box that allows members of the site to connect with others who are online. These individuals can see anything posted into the shoutbox and post whatever they want also.
Online forum– a light-weight online forum is included with Dolphin. Users can create threads, reviewed others posts and respond also.
Admin Dashboard– The back end of BoonEx Dolphin has a clean and simple to understand user interface. It is broken down by area that includes Members, Modules, Tools, Builders, Settings and License. The members section permits an administrator to see, ban, unban, deactivate, delete any individual and trigger on the website. The Modules area lets an administrator configure all of the modules set up on the website. The Tools menu permits an administrator to regulate the anti-spam attributes, blacklist IP addresses, clear the site cache, and do data source backups. The Builders area allows an administrator to easily modify the feel and look of the website by modifying numerous pages of the website. No knowledge of internet design is required as an administrator can literally drag and drop blocks onto the pages. Each block consists of a certain module which can be included or removed on any kind of page on the social networking website. The Settings menu enables an administrator to modify specific settings to the social networking internet site. This consists of site templates, category settings, e-mail templates, language settings, and so on. Their are lots of additional settings that may also be set up in this area of the administration location. Lastly is the License menu where you would input your license for BoonEx Dolphin.
Take a look at some of the Admin Dashboard and how easy the drag and drop user interface is within the Menu Builder in the images below.


III. BoonEx Dolphin Community and 3rd Party Marketplace.

BoonEx Dolphin has an user forum based community. The forum is a bit hard to browse compared with more expert kind forum software. Browsing for content in the online forum may also be a bit challenging as a great deal of outcomes are returned and not easily sortable. I will certainly state that the Dolphin forum is very quick when performing  searches. Their are tons of practical posts by the area members and must you require quick assistance with something the online forum can be extremely valuable. When you purchase the Dolphin script you get support from BoonEx for issues but if you are not in the Australian timezone, it may be a while prior to you get a feedback to your ticket. Utilizing the area online forum might be quicker for general concerns.
The BoonEx Dolphin Market has over 400 3rd celebration add-ons. If a module does not exist, you can upload a new job offer within the BoonEx Jobs area.

Take an appearance at the images below for a glance at the Dolphin online forum and 3rd Party Market.

IV. Final Rundown

BoonEx Dolphin is among the fastest social networking platforms I have seen. The speed though is dependent on your web server and just how much quality traffic your website will be getting. According to the BoonEx FAQ, the platform may also deal with a billion users; however I am not sure how one would should scale their server to really be able to manage that many individuals. The only genuine negative to BoonEx Dolphin is that the installation is not as uncomplicated as a few of the various other platforms available. Getting media to operate properly needs a host with Red 5 configured plus the BoonEx Dolphin Media Server application. But if you are an amateur it might take some help if you are comfy working on internet servers this should not be a problem. All of 36 modules are included with both the Standard and Prime licensing. The Standard license is a one time charge of $399.00 vs a one time charge of $799.00 for the Prime license.


The Prime license gets you additional rewards such as premium BoonEx membership, discounted 3rd party modules, a professional installation service and probably the most important piece is native iOS and Android apps for your social network. The source code for the mobile applications is supplied to you and may also be modified for re-branding the application to match your site name and theme. BoonEx Dolphin also has a complimentary trial license. , if you desire to get your hands filthy with BoonEx Dolphin you would most likely desire to start with this trial license.. When using the trial license, the social networking script is fully showcased. The only downside is that you are required to display visible links and banners referring site visitors to BoonEx. If you want to keep your members a bit in the dark about what social networking software you are utilizing, the trial license isn’t going to suffice as BoonEx Dolphin will be prominently shown throughout your social network. BoonEx Dolphin likewise has lifetime updates and support. Total BoonEx Dolphin is an excellent social networking script at a suitable price. It is most comparable to phpFox in terms of functions and rate. BoonEx Dolphin’s basic license is a bit more costly than phpFox for the same functionality and function set. Choosing the Prime license does get you mobile applications but at a high expense. 3rd Party developers for various other social networking platforms can likewise construct mobile applications tailored for your site at a much lower rate point.  Check out the BoonEx Dolphin Demo pages if you want to give that platform a try.

If your searching for a lower cost variation of BoonEx Dolphin with the same kind of functions and a much simpler installation check out our phpFox review for a good comparison.

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