About Us

Social-Networking-Software.org is all about Social Networking Software and Scripts.  We strive to use and review the most popular social networking and social media software on the market today.  All of the software discussed on this website has been put through the ringer in regards to testing with a large load of users.  The reviews will detail the pros and cons of each social networking software platform.  We discuss ease of installation, built in features, 3rd party developers and add-ons as well as how good or bad the user community is.  At the end of each review is a star rating.

In addition to our own reviews, we encourage our visitors to post in the comment section their reviews of the various scripts if they have first hand experience.  We enjoy an open discussion with our user base and feel that any comment relating to the script is beneficial to all, even if it goes against our thoughts and opinions on the scripts.

If you ever need to reach the staff of this site, please use the Contact Us page and we will make our best efforts to get back to you within 24-48 hours.