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Are you interested in starting a unique and successful social empire?  Their is a ton of opportunity today to launch a new specialized idea and blow up almost overnight!  My name is Mike Williams and I’m an expert in building and promoting social networks!  I’ve got a huge secret though…


In fact I have almost no web design skills at all!  I have used various platforms of social networking software that have been out on the market for years and is available to anyone!  By using these social networking and dating site scripts I have been able to quickly build highly scalable sites which are easy to customize.  Now you might be asking “Mike, how long does it take you to start a social networking site?”  You might expect me to say a few months to get a new social network up and running.  If I had to doe everything myself with no script to start from that might take me months or even years!  Luckily with the amount of quality social networking software avaiable to people today, it doesn’t take me months, not even weeks or days.

It literately only takes me about an hour or two to stand up a new configured social networking site!  

Imagine setting up your own social network without the need to learn difficult languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP!  It is all possible thanks to the amazing social networking software on the market.  Honestly, my 5 year old daughter has more web design knowledge than I do.  Now days, all it takes is a great idea and the right social networking script to build a popular and profitable social networking website.  You might be wondering “How do I know where to find the best social networking software?”  I’m glad you asked!  The purpose of this site is to share my knowledge and experience with you on various types of social networking software.  I have used each and every script that I have reviewed on this site.  I detail the pros and cons of each platform and follow up my review with a ranking based on five stars.

Remember, to build a social network today you DO NOT need any web design experience! I have built tons of social networks and dating sites that have grown very large using just the social networking software I have reviewed on this site.  Check out the table below for the social networking scripts that I have used.  They have been listed in the order of best to worst along with links to my reviews and the publishers homepage.


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Remember how Facebook started?  It was a small social networking site that was only being offered to college students when it was first launched.  At the time of it’s creation Friendster and MySpace were the sites dominating social networking.  Fast forward only a few years and Facebook is now the largest and most successful social network online.  According to Alexa, Facebook is now the number 2 website in the world!  With what started with only a few hundred college students to now amassing over a billion users world wide Facebook is a multi-billion dollar website.  It is not uncommon for a new site with the right look and feel to come out and take down the previous sites that had dominated an industry.

Take Google for example.  When Google was first launched, there were a lot of other well established search engines on the Internet.  Yahoo, MSN, and Altavista were some of the most popular search engines.  How was it that Google was able to over throw the largest search engines and become the number one search engine online?  The founders of Google thought outside of the box.  Most of the current search engines were just a portion of a larger portal site that consisted of news, stocks, classifieds, online communities, and email.  The founders thought outside the box and instead of building an entire web portal, they focused on just web indexing and acting as a search engine.  The simplicity of the site design won people over and eventually Google overtook all of the other search engines in the market.  Google has now evolved into many facets, but it all started with just a simple basic search engine.  Google has even built its own social network known as Google+.

Bigger is not always better in the world of social networking.  Let us take a look at the famous micro-blogging site Twitter.  Who knew that only allowing people to post short messages of up to 140 characters would revolutionize the world!  Tons of people flock to Twitter everyday to post about just about anything.  It is nearly impossible today to watch a television show that does not have a Twitter hashtag watermarked on it.  From celebrities, businesses, subject matter experts to just regular people Twitter has become a huge part of peoples lives on a daily basis.

Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand words…and could be worth a billion dollars if you were the one behind popular photo sharing network Instagram.   The creators of Instagram took advantage of the forward movement of the ever improving mobile phone.  As phones were becoming more feature rich with better cameras and Internet browsing, Instagram became extremely popular.  Adding in lens filters only helped launch the success of the popular photo sharing social network.  As Facebook wanted to obtain more mobile traffic and found Instagram to be a big competitor, they purchased Instagram for a billion dollars.

You have seen the success stories.  Now where do you begin?

Besides finding the best social networking software for your needs, you need to be creative about what kind of social network you want to cater to. You really need to think outside the box in order to be successful in the social networking game today. If you attempt to build a generic Facebook type of site your chances of success are slim to none. Why would anyone want to join a site that does exactly what Facebook is already doing so successfully?

You need to focus on your specific idea and create a niche site that has a specific target audience. For example if your favorite hobby is fishing, you could build a social networking site around that topic. As you are most likely knowledgeable in that area it wouldn’t be hard to run a fishing social network successfully. Being able to advertise and create some income from a fishing site would be simple as well with pay per click programs such as Google AdSense or selling fishing equipment or magazines through advertisements on your site! Using the right social networking software easily allows for advertisements to be added to key areas of your website!

Promoting a social network can be difficult at times; however, if you select a specific niche things get a lot easier! Face it, you could have the greatest social network on the Internet but if nobody knows about it what is the point? Back to our fishing example, word of mouth advertising is extremely powerful! It would be simple to promote your fishing site at bait and tackle shops, or just mentioning it to other fishing enthusiasts while out fishing. If you’ve got more of a budget you could advertise in fishing magazines or sponsor fishing events. With the right social networking software, you can find plugins that really assist in the word of mouth advertising. When a user signs up you can ask your members to email their contacts from their email address to let them know about your new and awesome site! Let me break down the power of word of mouth advertising. Imagine you had a new site with 1000 members. If each of those members got two of their friends to join, and then those new members got 3 friends to join your site would have exploded to 6000 members at a rapid rate! The more traffic to your site means more clicks on ads which means more income from your site!

It is important to find only the best social networking software to build your social network with. You want software that is full of features out of the box so you don’t need to learn how to code things you might want or pay someone else to do it for you. Above are a breakdown of the best social networking software I have had the pleasure of working with. Click on any of the links to view the details of each script or to visit the author’s website for more information.

Yahoo Drops Anchor While Acquiring Social Networking Software Startup Tomfoolery

Social Networking Software AnchorYahoo has announced that it will be purchasing Tomfoolery, a social networking software startup.  The terms of the deal were not made public although a report in the Wall Street Journal estimated a price of around $16 million.  The deal is expected to close in early February.  Tomfoolery is best known for a product called Anchor.  Anchor provided many social networking functions aimed at businesses such as voice calling, group chat, file sharing and email.  The features of Anchor would typically be found using multiple third party applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, or Facebook.

The Anchor social networking software platform could be accessed from a desktop or laptop via a web interface; however it’s primary use was developed for mobile technologies such as iOS and Android devices.  As of last Wednesday new user registrations were disabled as the Anchor product will be shut down as part of the acquisition deal with Yahoo.  Tomfoolery has stated that it will be building the next generation of social Yahoo products.

Yahoo has been buying up a lot of companies as of late.  Marissa Mayer, the current CEO of Yahoo is definitely trying to regain the popularity that Yahoo has once had in it’s hay day years ago.  Taking a page from Disney and purchasing popular franchises to reinvigorate the primary business, Disney has done a complete 180 from where they were just a few years ago.  Can the same thing happen with Yahoo?  During a recent conference regarding Yahoo’s recent financial results, Mayer stated that the company would continue to look for opportunities for talent acquisitions.

Some of the leaders of Tomfoolery were once involved with various Yahoo services including Flickr, Messenger, Mail and Search.  Having a good understanding of the various Yahoo products on the market today should make integration of the next generation social networking software of Yahoo fairly seamless.

Huge BoonEx Dolphin Promotion! 30% Off Sale!

Boonex Dolphin Social Networking SoftwareBoonEx just put out an awesome blog post regarding their achievements in 2013, as well as their future plans for 2014.  To celebrate their success and to welcome the new year, BoonEx is offering a huge 30% off all orders between now and January 16, 2014.   With this discount you could save $240.00 when purchasing a Prime license for Dolphin.

In early 2013, BoonEx released Dolphin 7.1 witch touted a great new design and improvement in quality. Through 2013, Dolphin had a few minor revisions which finished with version 7.1.4 which also incloded impovements to mobile apps.  The blog post then goes on to state that many companies and people into social networking noticed that 2013 was a bit of  a slow year for social networking software companies in general.  This could be attributed to Facebook fatigue, a form of less attractiveness in starting your own social network due to the massiveness of Facebook and how groups and pages can be created for niches now.  The cloud based services could also have attributed to the decline of publicly hosted social networking scripts.  Sites such as Ning allow people to spin up a social network in the cloud.  While sites like Ning are convenient, they are not highly customizable and can only take you so far.

Regardless of the decline of social networking in 2013, BoonEx has their own take and vision on what needs to be done moving forward.  Before we get to their vision for the future, lets take a look at the success BoonEx achieved in 2013.  BoonEx updated their market to allow users to validate that third party plugins would be compatible with their specific version of the Dolphin script.  The list of trusted vendors was also updated.  Trusted vendors must also include mandatory fields on theur profile such as skills, working hours, location, spoken languages, and availability.   The changes to the BoonEx market have been extremely helpful to both customers and vendors.

When looking at 2014, BoonEx understands where things are going in their industry.  Different types of users utilize different types of social networking sites, from Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, and LinkedIn.  The great news is that a Facebook only social network is never going to happen due to the various other platforms users gravitate to on a daily basis.  This means that niche specific sites are still going to be successful going forward.  BoonEx plans to release Dolphin 7.1.5 soon in 2014.  This new version of BoonEx Dolphin’s social networking software will have even more advancement in mobile and touch devices.  As more and more people utilize their smart phones and tables to access the Internet it is extremely important to cater to this growing change in society in order to stay relevant and successful.

For now though, take advantage of this great 30% off sale by visiting BoonEx today!  If you want a great review of BoonEx Dolphin, click here for a great overview!

SkaDate Holiday Sale!

SkaDate Discount Cheap SkaDateJust got word that SkaDate is having some major discounts on their dating software, mobile applications, and dating profiles.  Depending on your needs, you can save over $300.00 when purchasing various items for SkaDate.  From now until the end of 2013, you can get a 25% discount on SkaDate software (SkaDate license $299), 30% off of SkaDate Mobile Apps ($139), and 35% off SkaDate dating profiles ($295).   Per SkaDate, the discount only applies to certain dating profiles.  We took a look at the order page from SkaDate to see which ones were included.  The dating profiles in which the discount applies is good for 90,000 Elite Dating Profiles.

Dating profiles  can quickly boost your sites appeal and promote a lot more use.  Think about it, would you rather be part of a website with five users or one with thousands?  Nobody wants to eat at an empty restaurant and the same goes for online communities and dating sites.   Purchasing dating profiles for a new site is a quick and easy way to spark interest and allow the site to grow.  Eventually you will have tons of real profiles from people who joined the site and are active which will reduce the need for any of the purchased dating profiles that were used when the site was initially stood up.  It is highly recommended to consider using dating profiles to give your new site a boost in the beginning.

If you were ever interested in SkaDate as a dating or social networking software platform it is highly recommended to purchase now and take advantage of these awesome discounts.  If you want to learn more about the platform, check out our SkaDate Review.

Black Friday Discount on phpFox!

Just got word that phpFox is offering a huge 35% discount on all license purchases this Black Friday!  The discount promo code to take advantage of this deal is: BlackFriday2013

If you have been thinking about purchasing one of phpFox’s licenses, whether it be lite, network or community now is the best time to do it.  You can get the lite license for $64.35 (regularly $99.00), the network license for $129.35 (regularly $199.00), and the community license for $194.35 (regularly $299.00).  Take advantage of these whopping discounts this Black Friday by visiting the phpFox website and ordering whichever license you prefer.  When you get to step four of the order, you will see a section called “Discount Voucher”.  Enter in the promo code BlackFridat2013 to get the price reduced.

This sale is valid right now and will run until December 2, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST.

phpFox vs SocialEngine

When it comes to the world of Social Networking software, many people constantly ask themselves should I build my social network with phpFox or SocialEngine.  It is a very good question and as someone who has worked with both social networking software platforms I wanted to weigh in with my opinion.  When I first started building my social networking sites I did a lot of research and began with SocialEngine.  The main reason being was it was and still is the most used platform for building community sites.

SocialEngine is a great social networking script.  It allowed me to build and easily customize many websites that I had built with it over the years.  Since it is the largest social networking software platform it was also very easy to find awesome third party add-ons that were already in existence in the marketplace.  Pretty much anything I ever needed to make my sites look different and not like n out of the box SocialEngine site is available which is nice since I did not want my members to know what software I had used to build the online communities.  Getting support with SocialEngine is also a painless process.  Opening a support ticket only takes a few minutes and the support staff are excellent about assisting with issues!  Finding help outside of the official SocialEngine ticketing system is also easy with a lot of forums and websites dedicated to the SocialEngine platform.  When it comes to building and customizing a SocialEngine site, no programming knowledge is necessary.  If you do happen to have a background in programming it can only help as you can build your own custom themes and add-ons for either just your site, or you can list them for sale in the marketplace.  Using the back end of SocialEngine is simple.  The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Documentation sections of the SocialEngine website also goes into a lot of detail when it comes to installing and customizing your social network.

As time went by I wanted to expand my horizons a bit and decided to give phpFox a try.  Since then I have not looked back.  The phpFox platform is the best bang for your buck when it comes to social networking software on the market today.   If you are a beginner looking to get your feet wet with a small community phpFox has a lite license which gives you enough features to launch a social network.  They also offer a Network option which has a lot more features built in to improve the functionality of your network.  Lastly they offer their full on package with every feature included in their Community edition of the script.  This licensing model is nice as it allows people to either start small and scale up with a tiny investment.  Most social networking software providers charge a huge amount upfront just to enter the world of social networking and this is one of the nice benefits of phpFox.

phpFox also has a good following when it comes to people using and developing for the platform.  They have their own public and private forum on the site in which people can ask questions, post ideas for add-ons, and  obtain free themes and add-on.  Additionally phpFox has a first party add-on feature request section as well as a bug tracker.  If someone suggests a cool new feature and other members of the community like it, they can vote for it to be part of a future release of phpFox.  The bug tracker helps the developers find and fix bugs with minor revision releases of phpFox which helps keep users site running without security issues.  The phpFox website also has a marketplace with popular add-ons and themes that you can utilize to customize your site and make it look completely unique.  As with SocialEngine, you do not need to have any programming or web design experience to run a successful social network.  All of the customization is done within the back end Admin Control Panel (AdminCP).  The AdminCP has tons of options to tinker with and might be a bit overwhelming at first.  Luckily phpFox has done an awesome job with their documentation to assist with all configuration of your site.  Once you get the hang of the AdminCP things become a snap!  Also the user forum can typically provide a quick answer to any question about the AdminCP.  The phpFox support staff are also excellent.  They have a quick turnaround time and even logged into one of my servers once to resolve an issue that was not related to the script itself.

If you want to know whether to chose phpFox or SocialEngine I would recommend phpFox.  The main reason for phpFox is the cost over SocialEngine.  The Lite edition sells for $99.00, Network edition is $199, and the fully featured Community edition is $299.  If you look at SocialEngine’s pricing platform, the starter edition retails for $299.00 and has less features than the Community edition of phpFox.  From their, SocialEngine has a Professional Edition selling for $449, and an Advanced Edition for $699.  When it comes to support, phpFox also gives you 6 months to begin with whereas SocialEngine only provides 30 days with the Started and Professional package and 60 days with Advanced.  The phpFox community is also a great one stop shop.  You can view the community forum, checkout the marketplace and post and vote on feature requests all from the same site.  SocialEngine does not have a public forum built in which requires you to go to third part forums to a community feel.  SocialEngine also lacks a feature request system and bug tracker.   phpFox is also so confident in their product that their website is designed to run on the phpFox script.  When you create an account you are doing so within the phpFox platform.  When viewing and posting in the forums, they are using the same forum technology built into their social networking software.

We have detailed reviews on both phpFox and SocialEngine.  Check out the phpFox review and SocialEngine review for a deeper dive into both platforms.  In my personal opinion though, if your looking for an awesome social networking script that is fully featured and sold at a fair price you need to check out phpFox.